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Rick Belden: The Mother-Wound and The Man You Want to Be (with George Stoimenov)


Join Rick Belden and George Stoimenov as they talk about George's latest short book "The Mother-Wound: Cut the Unseen Strings that Control You and Move Toward a Truly Masculine Life".

Some topics in this interview:

  • a definition of a 'mother-wound'

  • living in today's 'over-mothered' world

  • why is it that 'a woman can't give a man what he needs'

  • the relationship and interaction between a 'father-wound' and a 'mother-wound'

  • how does an unresolved mother-wound impacts a man's integrity

  • the feminine nature of the modern psychology profession and its impact on men


''We live in an over-mothered world.''

''No matter how old the man is, the young boy inside him will always long to enter his destiny.''

''Men’s lives, regardless of how old they are on the outside, can be rebuilt on the inside.''

''if a boy is not released from the care of his mother, and is not ‘rescued’ in some form, by his father, the maternal matter will become the mire in which he will love to wallow, but at the same time, hate himself for it… For the masculine design within him will not give him rest. He will know, deep down, very deep, that he is less than what he is destined to be. He will know that he is not following a masculine pattern. He will know that he has been trapped.''

Watch the conversation here:


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Rick Belden is a poet, author, artist, and life coach who helps men who are feeling stuck get their lives moving again.

For more information and to contact Rick about coaching, visit​

George Stoimenov offers private coaching for men who want to become 'strong in the broken places' and overcome the deep-seated issues that plague them.

For more information and to contact George about coaching, visit 



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