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Men's Corner 'Shorts': Nuggets From The World of Men

Updated: Mar 15

Men's Corner is a world created by men, for men, with this in mind: men and their ability to live out of a restored, masculine selves. All men are broken, but some can become, as it is famously said, 'strong in the broken places'.

On this page you can find some 'shorts'—some as short as 30 seconds—from the world of Men's Corner.

I hope that you these 'nuggets' (each 'cut out' of larger publications such as interviews, podcasts or longer videos) remind you of this world and, if you haven't already, invite you to join it!

These are only a few of the topics we have looked at in depth:

These are only a few glimpses of what we have been delving into, ever since Men's Corner first came into being. Most of you would probably know that we have done tons of work looking at the deep-seated realities that tend to form men on the inside—and the ways to engage with that. As you know, topics such as 'father-wound', 'mother-wound', 'inner child', faith and forgiveness, as well as things like the deeper nature of the drive behind physical fitness—are often discussed here.

If you are not a subscriber to the video platform of Men's Corner, please consider becoming one; it would help us spread the word and keep you updated with the visual content that is being created here.

To see all the 'shorts' produced for the channel so far, click here.

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Thank you and stay tuned!

With respect,

George Stoimenov and friends at Men's Corner



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