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About Men's Corner

'Men's Corner' is a digital library for men of all ages and all walks of life. Here, men can come and learn, be inspired, guided and equipped for living a rich life as a man: a life of constant challenge, deep meaning, higher purpose, and total fulfillment.

The mission of 'Men's Corner' is to provide a space where men can receive information about various topics — health and fitness, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing, art and creativity, literature and history, and much,much more...


Here, through articles, talks, interviews, and stories, we explore different aspects of masculinity — our own masculinity on individual level, but also the masculinity of the men who have gone before us: the men who made history.

The goals of our team are simple: to provide men with the opportunity to live well as men and learn better their own masculine nature.

Men's Corner was started in 2018 by George Stoimenov

About George Stoimenov

George Stoimenov is the founder and main editor of Men's Corner. 
Born and raised in rural Bulgaria, George has lived in Britain since 2009. He is a motivational speaker, author who writes extensively on men's issues, men's coach, and a broadcaster who delivers talks on various subjects related to masculinity and being a man.

George runs a training business called 'strong on the inside', a work exclusively designed to empower men and support them in stepping into their confidence and the realisation of their full potential as men.

Apart from his work with men in the United Kingdom, George has worked with, and spoken to, men in South Africa, Zambia, and his native Bulgaria.

George and his family live in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

To learn more about George's private work with men, visit


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