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'Meeting The Lion' — a Conversation with Alex Dziri.

The most important thing in your life is not what you do; it's who you become.

— Dallas Willard

Recently, I sat down with a remarkable young man, Alexander Dziri, whom I have had the honour to meet earlier this year and introduce him to you in my previous post.

A bit about him:

A professional breakdancer in his younger years, Alex was part of 'Team Shmetta' — one of the top crews in the world between 2009-2013. With them, he had travelled the world and 'battled' on stages of more than 10.000 people.

Alex then went on to organise a world breakdance championship called 'Raw Circles', in his home city of Antwerp, Belgium. At its peak, 'Raw Circles' has had one million yearly YouTube views, 2000 people present and 50 countries participating...

At the peak of his career as a breakdancer, Alex moved to London. He worked for the highly popular show 'London Real' as their head of product. During his three years with them, Alex has created four major online courses and has led most of the marketing efforts around them in terms of launch strategy, copywriting, sales-pages, and social media strategy — all of which has made millions of pounds in revenue.

Today, Alex has a successful career as a business-and-awareness coach. He coaches entrepreneurs in helping them with their marketing strategy, content creation, product creation and launch strategy. He combines all this with awareness, helping the entrepreneur understand what they really want, and prevent them from getting 'burned-out', feeling lost or overwhelmed.

In this conversation me and Alex delve into topics such as:

— growing up with an uninvolved father and the endless drive to prove yourself

— inheriting your father's burdens

— the inability to feel and pass on the love that you've never received as a child

— suicide and the dark side of pursuing external success

— the serious consequences of not expressing yourself

— being 'driven by fear' versus being 'drawn by love'

— the difference between what most people think they want and what they actually need

— meeting 'the lion' inside yourself

— letting go of old, pent-up emotions

— learning to love

...and a lot more besides!

I hope you enjoy this free-flowing, rich conversation between me and a man who, having done so much of what he ever wanted to do out in the world, is on a very exciting inner journey!

(Warning: mature language and themes!)

Click here to listen to the audio.

Click here to watch the video.

With much respect,

George Stoimenov



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